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Santa Rosa-native Natalie grew up with teachers sending notes home to her parents which said she talked too much in class. She took this “flaw” and made a career out of it! Case in point: Natalie’s worked in radio locally for 22 years!

Natalie enjoys taking modern and jazz dance classes, volunteering with her daughters’ Girl Scout
Troop, going to Disneyland, and sampling good craft beer. Mmmm…

She’s also a tv junkie, donut lover, 49ers fan, mother of 2 girls, and a wife.

10 Things About Me:

1. My family is my #1 priority. I love my husband, daughters, and parents with all my heart
2. I’m super LOUD. I laugh loud and I talk loud. You’ll always know when I’m around
3. I do a lot of laundry and I actually don’t mind it.  I do not know how one family can have so much laundry, but we do and it’s endless!
4. I’m scared of other people’s driving. So, don’t worry, you can have the front seat. I’ll happily sit in the back. Just don’t make me ride in the middle.
5. I’m a Halloween fuddy-duddy. I like the holiday, just not dressing up.
6. I’m a Disney fanatic. If I’m on vacation it’s usually at Disneyland.
7. I love to listen to music-like REALLY listen to music. Music through good headphones is a magical experience where you can hear every instrument and realize how complex the song is.
8. I say I can’t cook…but in reality, I’m not that horrible.
9. I love to laugh, watch TV, take walks, the sun, snuggling with my dogs, and being a goof
10. My favorite interview I’ve done was with Jason Mraz. He was so funny. My least favorite was Nick Carter who was sick as heck and kept coughing and being all mucusy during the interview. It was kinda gross.