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10 Things About Me:

1. My family is my #1 priority. I love my husband, daughters, and parents with all my heart
2. I’m super LOUD. Can you hear me??? I laugh loud and I talk loud.
3. I swear a lot. (Hey, I didn’t say these 10 things about me would all be good things). I call it “short person syndrome”. I compensate for my lack of physical toughness with a crass mouth
4. I’m scared of other peoples driving. So, don’t worry, you can have the front seat. I’ll happily sit in back. Just don’t make me ride in the middle.
5. I’m a Halloween fuddy-duddy. I like the holiday, just not dressing up.
6. My list: Adam Levine (of Maroon 5), Paul Rudd, James Roday (he plays Shawn on Psych), and Gerard Butler. Yummmmmmy!
7. I love to listen to music-like REALLY listen to music. Music through good headphones is a magical experience where you can hear every instrument and realize how complex the song is.
8. I can’t cook at all.
9. I love to laugh, watch TV, take walks, the sun, and being a goof
10. My favorite interview I’ve done was with Jason Mraz. He was so funny. My least favorite was Nick Carter who was sick as heck and kept coughing and being all mucusy during the interview. It was kinda gross.