Sinclair Communications-Santa Rosa
Equal Employment Opportunity
Public File Report 8/1/2013

This report covers the following stations in the group of radio stations that is collectively known as the Sinclair Communications-Santa Rosa cluster:

Call Sign     Facility ID#   Community of License     Licensee Name

KXTS          43711             Calistoga, CA                   Sinclair Telecable Inc.
KRSH          16257             Healdsburg, CA                Deas Communications Inc.
KSXY         72925             Calistoga, CA                   Commonwealth Broadcasting LLC
KNOB         79003             Healdsburg, CA                JYH Broadcasting

Please note that although some of the stations are licensed to separate corporations, those companies are all co-owned, and the stations are operated as a unit with a number of employees in common among stations. Commonwealth is the time broker of KNOB, and its recruitment efforts as to its employees who perform services in connection with that brokerage function are therefore reported here, per FCC requirement.

This report covers the period from 1st of August 2012 through 31st of July 2013

A. The following is a list of all full time vacancies that were filled during the period specified above:

Job Title                         Opened-Filled

Account Executive        10/1/12-11/1/12
Program Director           5/20/13-6/10/13
Reception/Promotions    3/25/13-4/1/13
Part Time Promotions    6/3/13-6/20/13
Board Operator              12/17/12-1/8/13
Part Time Production     7/1/13-7/12/13
Program Director           12/12/12-2/12/13

B. During the period from 1st August 2012 to 31sy July 2013, the following recruitment sources were used as vacancies for full time jobs opened (not necessarily used for each vacancy):

Radio ads on KSXY, KRSH, KXTS, KNOB
Station websites:,,,
The Press Democrat (newspaper)
All Access Music Group
Michelle Clark Productions
R&R Radio & Records, Inc
Napa Valley College
Santa Rosa Junior College
Sonoma State University
Sonoma County Job Link
Referrals from Employees, Clients, and other word-of-mouth

C. The following is a list of the full-time vacancies shown above and the recruitment source that provided the hiree for that position:

Job Title                          Recruitment Source

Account Executive          Press Democrat
Program Director            Word-of-mouth
Reception/Promotion       Sonoma State University
Part-Time Promotions     Radio Ad
Board Operator                Referral
Part-Time Production      Santa Rosa Junior College
Program Director             Rehire

D. During the period from August 2012 through 31st July 2013, a total of 22 people interviewed for vacancies for full time positions that were filled by 31st July 2013. The following is a list of the total number of interviewees referred by each recruitment source shown in Section B above:

Recruitment Sources:                              Total # of Interviewees

Radio Announcements                                        5
Santa Rosa Junior College                                  2
Sonoma State University                                    6
Station Websites                                                 0
Press Democrat                                                   7
Sonoma County Help                    0
All                                                   0
Word of Mouth                                                   1
Napa Valley College                                           0
Michelle Clark Productions                                0
Referral                                                               1

E. During the period from 1st August 2012 through 31st July 2013, the station employment unit engaged in the following initiatives aimed at fostering broad outreach to members of the community who might be interested in applying for jobs in broadcasting:

  1. Continuation of our internship program, whereby several college students gain valuable full-time exposure to the radio broadcasting industry for several weeks.
  2. Participation in Job Banks and other fairs hosted by schools in the area as well as industry specific job fairs and community events.
  3. Placing ads in community newspapers.
  4. Listing upper-level openings in Job Banks of media trade groups with broad-based membership, including participation of women and minorities: National Association of Broadcasters, California Broadcasters Association and American Women in Radio and Television.

Name of Respondent: Debbie Morton
Title: General Manager
Date Submitted: 7/25/2013
Telephone Number: 707-588-0707